How Belong initiates connection within the millennial population

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Millennial engagement for event management:

Within the event management industry, a common topic continues to enter the workforce. Event organizers are striving to design their events with an overall vision of increasing millennial engagement. While this younger generation was born throughout the digital era, their audience is more interactive when attending technological based events. As the integration of app and software development for event planning continues to increase in demand, Padcelona has discovered the direct correlation of our technology services in order to successfully produce the most effective and engaging events with the involvement of the millennial population.

Utilizing Belong to connect with millennials:

Padcelona recognizes that the millennial generation has shifted the audience expectations within the event and exhibition sector. With the variety of app and software development from our Belong department, Padcelona has introduced a foundation for millennials to develop stronger ties throughout all event attendees. Regardless of specific age, race or gender, millennials thrive on constant connection as they have the tendency to share everything via social networks; therefore, giving participants the opportunity to have access for unlimited content sharing will provide an increased amount of internal event connection.

Exceeding millennial expectations:

While millennials are dedicated to connection, these younger generations will continue to further impact a vast variety of different industries, including the event management sector. With the focus of improving the flow of interaction in your event, Padcelona’s software allows participants to utilize a social timeline in which attendees can share images, comments and use a private messaging systems among attendees all from their mobile devices. Furthermore, live voting modules are available for event organizers to gather questions, comments and ideas from their audience. These different kinds of applications in which we tailor based on client request are designed to allow an advanced sense of engagement and interaction for all users. The digitalization of event planning software performs as a tool where the millennial generation is born qualified to adapt and accustom to its resources. This unique population has a strong connection to the technological based events that Padcelona excels in managing.

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