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iPad Rental

Are you holding an event in Sevilla? Would you like to rely on the best technology out there? Are you interested on getting feedback from your potential customers during a conference?

You may be interested in Padcelona: we have over 500 iPads at your disposal, all of them the latest models (iPad 2, iPad with retina display and iPad Air) with tech support for both hardware and software.

Besides the tablet rental, you also have at your disposal apps such as Congress or Pad Rally and Business Games.

Congress has proven to be really valuable prior to any event, since it grants you the possibility to schedule activities. During the event you’ll have remote control of the presentation’s display, while being able to interact with your audience. You’ll be able to showcase items on the screen, and you’ll have at your disposal an internal social network and a private messaging system, all designed to foster the professional relationships between attendees. Once the event is over, you will be able to access all the information the event generated, as well as the attendees database.

On the other hand, the Pad Rally & Business Games app will strengthen the relationships between group members of a firm or the attendees of your event through outdoor activities such as a rally across the city or the possibility of developing “role playing” through the shooting of a film.

Should you prefer indoor activities, you can also devise your own Cluedo or trivia games. However, if you’d rather design and/or customize something more akin to your needs, our developers at Padcelona can also create an individual game just for you.

By using both the tablets and the apps, you will strengthen your professional image whilst backing the development of new technologies. And all the while you will be giving prestige to your corporate image, since Padcelona is one of the best brands out there in today’s marketplace.

After four years of hard work in this sector we have serviced professors, photographers, events and congresses. All of these services were personalized, suiting the needs of each and every one of our clients.

We are providing our services to clients in the biggest national cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, as well as some of the most important international capitals cities such as London, Lisbon and Dubai.

Now you can also easily benefit from this technology in Seville: you only need to fill in the contact form with your name, mail and telephone and sum up what your needs are; shortly afterwards a member of our staff will get in touch with you.

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