Team Building Out of a Movie – Pad Filmfest | Padcelona

Team Building Out of a Movie – Pad Filmfest | Padcelona

Are you familiar with team building activities but still seeking for something new? Wouldn’t it be amazing all of those attending your event remembered it as the best of experiences? Padcelona would like to show you a new way of looking at team building.

Since many firms have relied on our team building activities, we’ve found a way to accommodate our services and innovate, noting the latest trends in team dynamics. We present the brainchild of our efforts: the Pad Filmest.

Pad Filmfest – team building activity

Team building Padcelona Filmfest CineNo matter where your event is being held -Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Málaga or anywhere in Europe- you can rely on our team building services, a range of innovative services designed to foster interpersonal communication.

One of our trademark services is the Pad Filmfest, a film festival in which attendees become movie directors/ actors and work on their own movies. They shoot the footage and we edit the final movie, which is later screened during the same event. This team building activity taps cinema’s universal language… with the objective of strengthening ties between people and fostering communication. The iPad is a key component in the whole process, since it is used to film as well as an editing tool. In the meantime, the participants keep cementing, almost without noticing, a tight unit that will later amount to productivity for the company. It is a sure bet since it also intercedes for the fun and the good memories they will take home in the shape of a movie.

Our creative team at Padcelona will alter the screenplay depending on the specific objectives and the corporate culture of each client. And they will devise a storyboard based on the quantity of scenes and the number of people that will partake in the Pad Filmest.

We encourage you to ask for information about our team bulding activities and we’ll get to work in order to find out the solution that best fits your needs –as simple as that.

Check out Pad Filmfest in the video below.