Team Building Madrid – Pad Rally | Padcelona

Team Building Madrid – Pad Rally | Padcelona

Are you looking for a unique and special event? Would you like its participants to remember it as the best of experiences? Here at Padcelona we would like you to take a look at our team building activities.

Many firms have relied on our team building activities. Year after year we put our services at your disposal. One of them is Pad Rally.

Pad Rally – team building activity

ipad rally barcelona

Whether your event is held in Madrid or anywhere else in Spain or Europe, you can rely on our team building activities, a range of innovative services designed to foster interpersonal communication.

One of our trademark services is Pad Rally. This fun team building activity turns the city into a large game board in which to play, interact, run, move around alongside your team… all of it geared towards the strengthening of ties between people and the fostering of communication. The iPad plays a crucial role in the game: thanks to geolocation and augmented reality the participants will have fun whilst cementing, almost without noticing, the unit that will later amount to productivity for the company. It is a sure bet since it also intercedes for the fun and the good memories they will take home.

Our team of developers at Padcelona can easily create an app as well as customize it. So, whatever your needs are, we will work on them. Here’s our motto: if you can dream about it, we can make it come true.

We encourage you to ask for information about our team bulding activities and we’ll get to work in order to find out the solution that best fits your needs –as simple as that.