Technology Rental

We make the lastest technology accessible to every company

The rental includes personalizaed configuration of the devices.

Rent Oculus Go

We take care of the delivery and assembly so that all you have to do is enjoy them. Our technical team will be at your disposal to resolve any quesetions you may have about how they work.


Rent iPads

Do you need iPads or iPhones for only a few days? Don’t buy them, we’ll rent them to you. A few, a lot, or enough to fill a huge room. They’ll all be ready for your event, ceomplete with the app configurations and content you want.


Other devices

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Macbook Air, or any cutting-edge device. We specialize in the rental of VR cameras (360º), portable WI-FI, technical contracting and other Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products