Turn your conference into a conversation

Before, during, and after the conference. Congress is a constant experience.

Congress is a tool designed to foster interaction between people: information is now the bargaining chip. We achieve this by having all audience members possess an iPad. This way our technology helps you know the attendees’ opinions and aids in their interaction with one another. In other words: your attendees and speakers will end up being the real stars of the show.

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congress meetings iPad

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Customize your experience

Your logo, your media and everything in between. What do you want and how you want it: all can be tailor-made. The reasons for it are all yours, needless to say.

interaction congress meetings digital iPad

Interact with the content

Your attendees will be able to vote live, chat with other attendees, follow the conference in their iPads, and so much more!

gauge data analytics events congress meetings

Gauge the results

After the conference has taken place you’ll know in great detail how many attendees took part in it, in what manner, how often and where.

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Real time voting

This live voting tools allows the attendees to voice their opinion using their iPads.

Live slides

The iPad can be used as a second screen in which to enjoy slideshows more closely.

Social timeline

Internal social network in which attendees can share opinions and upload images.


Follow up on all of the event’s highlights: lectures, workshops and coffee breaks 😉

Who’s Who

A listing of all attendees with their respective information, to serve as a networking boost.

Clients who have experienced Congress

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[testimonial_slider style=”default” disable_height_animation=”true”][testimonial title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1455014802241-1″ name=”Víctor Cañizares” subtitle=”Spanish Heritage” quote=”Our experience with Padcelona was, as always, flawless, and we were given all the advice and information we required. It was quite a challenge: over 40 world-renowned DMCs from different countries partaking in the same activity. The result: a grin from ear to ear, and the thought of having been pleasantly surprised by both the technology and the team’s coordination.” id=”1456841172730-8″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]