iPad Rental for Hotels

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iPad Rental

Offering your guests an add-on such as an electronic device for their personal use can give you the edge over other hotels; all the while bestowing your firm a distinctive trademark and improving the guests’ experience.

Nowadays word to mouth is the best type of publicity and what can best define any sort of business: that’s why our customers’ opinion should always the main priority. Many hotels offer comfortable beds, spacey bathrooms and amazing views, but none of these attributes is meant to improve the guest’s experience both inside and outside the hotel, because when it comes to travelling the biggest chunk of the stay is spent enjoying the city or region and should not be limited to the guests’ experience inside their rooms.


If the guests have tablets at their disposal they can check out what’s worth visiting in the area, which restaurants will best please their palates, information about museums or events, maps and routes, as well as any other tips which will make their trip an unforgettable and total experience. Many times guests ask all about this at the reception desk, but often the answers they are given are based on the experience and personal opinion of a sole person. What people normally rely on is the generalized opinion of a consensus.

Furthermore, nowadays our life revolves around new technologies, even though often when it comes to travelling it isn’t possible or convenient to take all electronic devices with you.

Obviously in order for this to succeed the uttermost quality is required, which is the case with Apple products. The iPad 2, iPad with retina display or iPad Air models are renowned for their spectacular design and their user friendliness; therefore, the guests’ experience will be unbeatable. Since hotel bookings vary depending on season, it’s not worthwhile to spend thousands of euros, considering the hotel isn’t always packed; renting the devices is the best way to solve the problem. The delivery and return of the products are already included in our fee.

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